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Gravity Conveyor Systems and Storage Management Components from the Conveyor Technology Manufacturer

Euroroll is a conveyor systems manufacturer based in the Westphalian town of Ascheberg.

Its product range can be split into three main areas:

Lightweight Loads
Euroroll Fix, Autofix and Universal wheel rails and roller tracks are the ideal conveyors for transporting cardboard boxes, plastic crates and boxes. These components are the basis for its non-driven conveyor systems.

Euroroll carton live storage systems and flow rack frames are the latest developments from the company. Whether you're an end customer or OEM, the standard frames on Euroroll wheel rails can be used universally. Retrofitting them onto existing racking systems is also possible.

The Transfix light load roller conveyor closes the gap to conveyors for use with heavy loads. Drinks crates or trays can be transported on this roller track with ease.

Multi-directional rollers are ideal for manually moving crates, boxes or rigid goods in all directions.

Heavy-duty Conveyors
As a manufacturer of roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors for heavyweight goods, these are ideal for transporting Euro pallets, industrial pallets, crates and all kinds of stacked containers with a rigid underside suitable for use on conveyors. The different models and accessories in the NR-100, Groovy and PR-200 ranges cover the entire breadth of storage logistics. All options can be combined with Euroroll components, whether brake conveyor rollers, pallet separators, wheel flanges or lateral guides.  

Euroroll "stand-alone" gravity roller conveyors are equipped with speed controllers and the "Flex TV" pallet separator. This in-house development at Euroroll has made pallet separation much more flexible in gravity conveyor systems. The transport of different lengths of goods on one conveyor is now possible.
Robust unloading elements for manual pallet trucks and electrical manual pallet trucks are fitted as standard, as are insertion aids and buffer protection.

Euroroll brake rollers and brake conveyor rollers are widely used in flow storage systems.
Challenging plastic or metal goods can now be transported with ease using the model with PVC-coating and trim. With its all-purpose brackets, it can be used in many gravity roller conveyor systems, even those produced by other manufacturers.   

Live Storage and Push-back Storage Systems (Flow Storage)
Flow storage has become an integral part of internal material flow within companies in modern warehouse management systems. FIFO (First In – First Out) and LIFO (Last In – First Out) can be managed in day-to-day work with Euroroll's live storage and push-back storage systems.
All standard pallets, such as Euro pallets, industrial pallets, Dusseldorf pallets, CHEP pallets and crates can be loaded and unloaded in Euroroll flow storage systems.

Special solutions for non-standard load carriers can also be produced. Thanks to its in-house research department, as a roller track producer, Euroroll is able to conduct tests with your original goods and, jointly with you, find an approach for an individual solution.

Challenge us as a conveyor system producer! We can offer a wide range of solutions.

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